Saturday, April 29, 2006

More Handspun
I have gotten much quicker with the spinning. I think I need a bit of work on my plying, but I suppose it will get there. Here is my first skein, the green one. The lighter green was a bit thick,the darker one was when I started getting the hang of it.

I then moved on the the rest of whatever merino tops I had laying around, and combined a bunch of colurs to make this pinky/red skein. I think it looks pretty good, though still need a bit of practice. I guess I know what I have to buy this week, my own wheel!

I am really pleased with the result considering that I hated spinning after I took the class a month ago. Once you get the hang of it, it is very relaxing. My family thinks I am crazy, but whatever.

My other project this week was this flower, how cute is this. I still have to make the leaves for it, that will be next.


ambermoggie said...

well done Michelle, its looking good. Nearly bought a spinning wheel today at car boot but she wanted too much for it. BTW what pattern is the flower?

su said...

Lovely yarn Michelle. In answer to a question that you asked elsewhere, yes, you may want to set the twist in your plied yarn by either soakling in hot water a bit and then hanging to dry or hanging it over a steam source until you see the twist set where you want it. Nice colors, congratulations. su, who would aslo like to know the source for the felted flower pattern..

Anonymous said...

Great job, congratualtions on the upcoming opening of stash yarns. I wish you lots of success, fun and happiness.